The privacy of my clients is very important to me and in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1988) and the APS Code of Ethics, I am legally bond to maintain your privacy and confidentiality. All information that you provide to me is treated as private and confidential. 

The only time that I disclose confidential information under is under the following circumstances:

(a)  I have received your consent or a person with legal authority to consent on your behalf;

(b)  where there is a legal obligation to do so;

(c)   if there is an immediate and specific risk of harm to an identifiable person or persons that can only be averted by disclosing information;

(d)  if there is a child that is at significant risk of harm;

(e)  when consulting colleagues, or in the course of supervision or professional training,

- provided I conceal your identity or

- I have obtained your consent and give prior notice to the recipients of the information that they are required to preserve your privacy and obtain an undertaking from the recipients of the information that they will preserve your privacy.